Friday, December 31, 2010


1. I've tentatively struck an agreement that a friend will stop drinking for three months if I stop watching TV and eat more fruits and veggies, so that's more than fair.

2. I vow to make some art every day. Even if it's just a subway doodle on a work day. I have a show in May, so with that deadline in mind, I will paint for at least 6 hours a week. I've threatened retirement, since I've had a lot of trouble actively making art lately, but hopefully building a habit will change that. The only reason I'm not switching careers is that I have no idea what else I could do that wouldn't require going into more training and debt. I hate how it sounds when people get all positivist about unpaid creative work, though. It's really not important and I just don't feel entitled to self-indulgence but, if anything, I do want to somehow communicate this cynicism.

3. This is not a resolution, but, Yom Kippur style, an apology for something I've particularly done a lot of this year. Men who I have pushed away as friends because I was afraid I'd try to make it romantic or just sexy, I am sorry. I will be your friend, I will not awkwardly try to bone you, and I will try to actually be good company. (If you do want to mate, it's your lead.)

4. I will stop cutting my hair, for the love of god. I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, lady, just stop. Hide the scissors if you have to. Let that shit grow out. I don't care if it feels uneven.

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