Monday, May 31, 2010


There's an article at Shutterstock about how to take a personless picture of a crowded place using Photoshop's statistical scripts. My first thought, of course, is: what happens if you do this with a stack of photos of different things? Are the artifacts it generates interesting?
I have a series of digital drawings I've been making for 10 years, made according to a formula of nude models drawn with colors sampled from a background of satellite space photography. I did this to all 50 of them, and this is the result:

That's pretty cool.
Then I did it to my grad thesis paintings, which don't even have up and down orientations, to see whether I had compositional tendencies with those:

It doesn't really know what to do when you tell it to automatically align things. I'm going to keep playing with this and see if I can get the other statistical options to do anything interesting besides black, white, and gray blocks. There's something fascinating about using a formula made to find signal on noise.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Janet Bruesselbach 69-60 108th St. Apt. 517
(310) 617-3366 Forest Hills, NY 11375
I’m a figurative oil painter, designer, curator and writer looking to join my energy and intelligence with others involved with culture, sustainability, science and technology.
Employment History
2010 Enumerator for the U.S. Census Bureau Non-Response Follow-Up operation.
- Temporary May-June position interviewing at addresses that hadn’t mailed in their decennial census questionnaires. Responsible for keeping personal information confidential, pursuing proxy sources, and working mixed hours on my own schedule.
Supervisor: Danny Weiss, (917) 214-3027
2009- Curator of A Gathering of the Tribes gallery, 285 E 3rd St. New York, NY 10009
- Coordinated with and selected artists for shows in an alternative exhibition space owned by
Steve Cannon. (212) 674-8262
- Art Editor for Issue 13 of A Gathering of the Tribes literary magazine.
2006- Bookseller, Shakespeare & Co., 716 Broadway, New York, NY (212) 529-1330 Rebecca Lambrecht - Retail clerk responsible for friendly customer service, register, shelving, textbooks, stock.
2006-2008 Information Clerk, Board of Elections.
- On election days, I guided voters to their appropriate districts at my local polling site.
Queens Board of Elections (718) 730-6730
2007 Library Assistant, New York Academy of Art. Reference: Kristine Paulus,
2007 Intern, Location One nonprofit arts organization, 26 Greene St., NYC
Steve Cukierski,, artists Ligorano/Reese
2007 Art Director, Chromed Productions. Game design.
Irfaan Chaudhry,; Adam Kenney,
2006 Intern, Society of Illustrators, 128 E. 63rd St. New York, NY 10021 (212) 838-2560
2005-2006 Gallery Installer for RISD Exhibitions, 62 Prospect St.. Providence, RI 02903
Supervisor: Mark Moscone,, (401) 454-6141
2004 Intern, Tor Books, 175 5th Ave., New York, NY with art director Irene Gallo,
2007-2009 Master of Fine Arts in Painting, New York Academy of Art
111 Franklin St., New York, NY 10013
Studied with John Jacobsmeyer, Catherine Howe, Nicola Verlato, Will Cotton, and Kurt Kauper
2002-2006 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration, and Concentration in European History
Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) 2 College St. Providence, RI
1999-2002 Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences.
21st St. Santa Monica, CA. (310)829-7391 GPA: 3.8 SAT: 720V 710M
Other Education
2005 Summer program in painting and history, Rome, Italy
2004 Summer Art/Technology History class at Columbia, New York, NY
2001-2003 Summer classes in Astronomy, Microbiology, Science Fiction, Baroque Art. UCLA, CA.
2001-2002 California Art Institute, Westlake, CA.
1994-2002 O’Neill Fine Art Studio, Malibu, CA.
Exhibitions & Awards
April 2010 The Girleye Show – Curator of feminist photography exhibition with Beth Hommel, Cassie Olander, Lauren Goldberg and Marie Hansen. A Gathering of the Tribes, 285 E 3rd St. NYC
October 2009 Nothing For Itself at A Gathering of the Tribes, 285 E 3rd St. New York, NY
May 2009 A Figurative Reconstruction, New York Academy of Art, 111 Franklin St, NYC
December 2007 Sebrof International at the New York City Hungarian Cultural Institute
2006 RAINN t-shirt art competition winner
3/2-3/7, 2006 3-Person Senior Show, RISD Illustration Gallery, Providence, RI
May 2005 Burleson Painting Competition, First Place Junior Award
10/28-11/5, 2004 Junior Show (Organizer & Exhibitor), RISD Illustration Gallery, Providence, RI
Skills - Traditional representational painting, photography, instruction in old and new art media
- Gallery administration and maintenance.
- Communication, writing, editing, copy editing, blogging, social media
- Computer game and user interface design, project coordination, graphic design print and web
- Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office , Maya, Mac, Windows, html , css, php