Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Works in progress

VERITAS ODIUM PARIT, Oil on linen, 5'x6', as of two days ago. I did a lot more work on it today and anticipate finishing next week. The figures will recede into that yellow galaxy center, and then I'll sort of mosaic-jpg-artifact-censor my least favorite moments.

I'm intending to submit this for the Diploma Exhibition. All are welcome to come to the reception/opening, Monday, May 11th from 6-8 at 111 Franklin St. in Tribeca (between Church and W. Broadway)

Respect the Autonomy of Inanimate Objects, acrylic underpainting on canvas, 6'x6'.
I'm using an odd technique, for Nicola Verlato, with this one in which I've been building up from a small drawing and making models, in clay and Poser, and then painting the whole thing in black and white acrylics before I go over it with space-photo colors. It has been intense, and involved, and queasy. It's the second largest painting I've ever done and the largest was actually the last time I used the same technique.

Several potential titles for this:

The Masochist Seduction Technique
Insults as Veiled Compliments (the little study I did for it can be Compliments As Veiled Insults, a pettier beast)
A Woman A Man Walked By (in tribute to PJ Harvey)


It's 3'x6', oils and silver acrylic on linen.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Janet's Recent Work

"Effect Affect", oil on canvas, 36"x42", March 2009.

In progress still:

VERITAS ODIUM PARIT, oil on linen, 6'x5'.