Sunday, March 06, 2011

Verge Brooklyn Art Fair

I'm going to write wrap-ups of art fair week, even though they're all closing down now, so you can't take my recommendations, except to have an idea of what to do next year.

I went to this Brooklyn thing Thursday night. My friend Cecilia got a piece in A.I.R.'s biennial. She is a better Alice Neel who doesn't ruin children. You also just missed her show at Tribes. Speaking of which, Its building needs a friendly buyer

So this fair took over 111 Front, DUMBO's art building. Plus a nearby ground floor space, which I could see was probably still being set up, and I didn't make it over there.  Some of the galleries were curated by video reporter and artist Loren Munk, who was wearily lamenting intra-Brooklyn art politics.

This is all I saw that I liked:
Stephen Brower - Child Astronaut.  The caption described a company researching reducing payloads by using orphans as experimental astronauts - "half the weight of a real person".

Patricia Smith and Eric Ayotte are also highlights.

I considered buying an artist project space but then realized it was basically for suckers. I was right - and seeing that many desperate artists in a space that would have made them look bad even if any of them were good kind of made me lose interest in looking at art.  The crazy cyberpunk ChiĆ©zo was memorable, mostly because of her elaborate installation, costuming, and extremely detailed electronic-looking narrative drawing cycle.

Coming up next: the classy Independent.

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