Monday, March 07, 2011

Independent Art Fair, NYC 2011

The Independent is in the X-Initiative, formerly DIA, building in Chelsea. It's touted as being "by and for gallerists", and is the more intellectual but less commercial (and less expensive, being free) Armory satellite.  Very curator-friendly, and dominated by Europeans.  It can claim to be the most vertical of the fairs, and the least walled-in, with natural lighting and a rooftop lounge.  The result was several galleries collaborating to assemble a somewhat cohesive museum show - a socially magic accomplishment!  Labels and identifying info were sometimes hard to find, though.
David Shrigley

Zach Feuer gallery is right next door, and has an eclectic, hilarious, brilliant solo show by Mark Flood (Murk Fluid) up now.

Alex Brown - Hummingbird
Ryan Gander - N.. n... n...nostalgia
This caught my eye because I'm a little nerdy.  That's an enlarged replica of a Roman d20, and there are some magic-force doodles stuck to the wall behind it.
Ricci Albenda - "Universe (Benny)/ Negative - Left"
I'm a fan of these in-wall sculptures.  Overheard collectors: "It IS part of the wall!" "Anish Kapoor does a lot of that."
To play art fair bingo.  I'm that much closer thanks to you, Neon Art.

Maybe I'm weak, but I think art fairs need regular kitten breaks.  We understand these aesthetics.  Kitty!

John Pylypchuk, you had me at "cigarettes smoking cigarettes".  Why did you put other stupid crap in there?

This wasn't at the Independent.  This was a weird painting about old Kraftwerk in a nearby Chelsea show.  I don't know where.  Sorry.
I walked to Pulse from there.  That is coming soon.

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