Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wallow in Immanence

WALLOW IN IMMANENCE. 2011, Oil on canvas, 32 by 32 inches.

I used digital sketches and mockups and 3-d ray-tracing in an ongoing back-and-forth with this one, which is definitely supposed to be apparent. I don’t know what else is apparent, but since the amateur feedback I’ve been getting is approximately “THE COLORS MAN THE COLORS”, which gives no indication of what anyone is actually seeing besides colors, I'll provide a little more background and fish for insults.
The painting is structured by a composite image (i.e. not the visible light, but a visualization of the spectra of several common elements) of the Snake nebula. To the point of total coverage and saturation, it generated a multi-directional figure salad of drawings and paintings from at least 5 different male models, usually with the colors shifted to match the composite image or to pursue humanoid spectral extremes. There are some aliens and some anatomical absurdities and a lot of face avoidance.
The central figure is a female figure that mirrors those surroundings - again, not the way it would visibly work, but the way a 3-d program calculates it when the underlying image is 2-dimensional and ubiquitous.
The title refers to the old translation of The Second Sex, in which Simone De Beauvoir describes how women denied transcendence will defiantly, and somewhat masochistically, dedicate themselves to the material and present.

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