Sunday, January 23, 2011

Elf Deprecate

9:30-12, THIS Thursday, Jan 27th, Niagara Bar, 7th and A.
You can pay through the bar, and their commission is lower if you pay cash. I will buy you a drink if you show up at 8 to help install, or stick around to 12:30 to help pack. There will be a couple other artists, I don't know who.
This is what I'm putting in. Please comment on whether I should lean toward one genre or another or if something is AWFUL.

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc 11x17 mounted poster

Only did one of these but if it sells I'll do another run.

Pinwheel 8x10 digital matted inkjet print

Anthropic 8x10 digital matted inkjet print

Andrea 4x5 digital matted inkjet print

Swan 4x5 digital matted inkjet print

Orbit 5x5 digital matted inkjet print

Bubbles 3x6 digital mounted inkjet print

Violet 4x10 digital mounted inkjet print

Stella 8x8 digital mounted inkjet print





Elf Pity

Elf Sabotage

Elf Efface

Elf Pity Party:
This Won't Help
I feel your pain

I am considering, but may not have room for:
Guilt of Representation, 2008, oils on plastic, 7"x8".

Misunderstand Me 2010 23x23 oils

Wallow in Immanence 32x32 oils

Don't buy it. I'm really just competing with worthy charities, and don't need the validation at all. I'm already looking like a self-aggrandizing jerk by announcing all of this when it's a tiny multi-artists popup thing. Wait, I'm sorry, this shtick is really annoying.
Where there are paypal buttons above, domestic shipping is included. If you're up for it, you can just send as a friend/family to jupitre at gmail dot com to rob Paypal of their cut. Also email for arranging details of faster and international shipping. I know personal interaction, especially around money, is a pain in the ass. My etsy may rise from the grave, unless ugallery gets some attention.


mammothdoll said...

Not a huge fan of the one with the chick pushing on a white background.

Every single other one, I adore!!!!

Especially the new stuff. It is awesome.


Janet said...

Thanks, Amanda. I don't think any large paintings are going in, since it's a small room and there will be several artists.