Thursday, March 26, 2009

Panni Malek

website, mostly with work from Otis and illustration.

Panni is an Iranian painter raised in Los Angeles. Her paintings examine female sexuality, celebrating a lush, sensual, elaborate and fussy femininity. She perverts the masculine conceits of high art by embracing not just figurative representation, in warm colors and Sargent-like softness, but of kitsch subjects: kitties, titties,intricate interiors. There is a subversive element in every painting: sex toys, delicate profanity, a certain over-passivity.

oil on canvas, ~20"x30", 2008

(Self portrait in French abandoned house. oil on canvas, ~36"x48", 2008

oil on canvas, ~36"x24", 2008

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your are too kind, love what you wrote.