Saturday, January 17, 2009

Janet's Statement

A bit of my own stuff while I work out who's up next and try to persuade people that free advertising isn't going to destroy them.

How is this? Does it match/describe the work well?

My figurative oil painting seeks to allegorize the autonomy of the inanimate object. I celebrate a female multiplicity by arbitrarily ordering disparate and similar images. Sensory overload and interplay between smooth and striated space incite affect. Imagery intuitively derived from science fiction and comic art maintains an amused contrarianism to categorization. Eclecticism induces a decentralized, eccentric perspective out of a mainstream and traditional medium. In search of levity, here is no automatic orientation; everything is both figure and background. The humanoid body, its agency compromised through merging with others, is nevertheless skillfully embraced through a fluid observational style, combining invention and self-representation through a democratic objectivity. Bodies shift colors, reflect and are reflected, both fully permeable and closed. Extremities and contradictions are sought through a hybrid middle ground.

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