Thursday, January 01, 2009

Cecilia Roberts

is in the class of 2009 and has a website up, although it was last updated in summer 2008, so I'll put up some more recent paintings of hers soon.

Portrait of Mallory, oil on canvas, 2008. Anyone else reminded of Magritte's "Pleasure"?

Portrait of Antonia, oil on canvas, 2008. Antonia is a Greek printmaker and artist from the class of 2008, now working for Jeff Koons.

Self Portrait with Candy and Babies, etching?, 2008.

Cecilia paints intimate portraits that capture the idiosyncracies of personality. They develop out of a process of looking an interacting with her subject and their things, with a kind of improvisational feminist space structured by interest. Both her oil paintings and her prints show a quirky line by a quirky observer.

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