Friday, November 12, 2010

Never let me go against the day

I love chasing something long and silly with something short and intense.

I don't think I want to see the movie of the latter. Ishiguro does something brilliantly interior with the dystopian genre that either the reviewers are missing or the filmmakers did. My post-humanism is showing in that it never occured to me that anyone would have to prove the existence of their "soul", since nobody has one, yet my moral outrage still stands at having to prove one suffers when one's purpose in life is dying of other peoples' diseases. Arguably it's a book about the ethical treatment of animals, although I don't think Ishiguro meant it that way.
A shared theme of human's inhumanity to human, or when there is not enough labor in society for its majority to is too trite when what a historical outlook on ethical trends reveals is that there have always been subhumans among humans. These connections are still too broad. Is it also offensive to you when anyone says "just a copy"? It just shows how far behind normal people are on this whole science ethics thing. Speaking of post-humanism -
Pynchon's family anarchist steampunk western focuses post-historically on the end of the enlightenment project, during the build-up to World War One. Plus, something about relativity. It's like watching anachronistic cartoons stoned for a year.
Here is my illustration for everything Pynchon wrote:

I do need something better than a facebook app to log my reading, but I need to be able to export from the app I'm using. Anyone know of one already?


Dan said...

You should try Goodreads if you like to log your reading... plus there's a hip 'scene' on there. I don't know about exporting. It probably doesn't have that.

Janet said...

Yeah, I may use goodreads and just start from scratch. Thanks.