Sunday, June 13, 2010



I am raising money for a tattoo.
UPDATE: spoke to my desired artist, who said it would be $80. Kickstarter disapproves, since I'm not in fact giving you anything back but the thrill of spending. I'll keep updating here with how much you've given:


The tattoo will be on the back side of my right forearm near my wrist. It will be very small and read "CAVEAT EMPTOR". Likely it will be in Myriad or a simple all-caps sans-serif at the artist's discretion. I got the idea from Philip K. Dick's Ubik, in which Pat Conley, a young and unusually innocuous (for a female Dick character) psychic history-editor, is mentioned as having the tattoo.

Naturally I do not want to pay for an always-already-regrettable "buyer beware" cheeky consumer awareness permanent reminder with my own wage labor. If you donate even a little bit I will consider it an early birthday present. If I do not get $80 by October 12 I will give you your money back. I want this to be specifically dedicated money rather than associating the event with a particular job.

Thank you very much! Have a nice life.

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