Friday, March 05, 2010


I went to their offices first by accident instead of the Lincoln Center tent
It turned out an hour was enough to go through the whole thing, though. The gallerists were friendlier but unlike its Miami incarnation this one did not provide free food and drink. Given the freebie culture of NYC calorie constraint was wise - there probably wouldn't be enough security personnel even with well-behaved informed crowds.
That's part of the sense I get of New York art conventions and fairs as consisting much more of people doing business than art tourists. Art tourism is a theme of a lot of the art, but in this city, that theme is a commodity rather than metacommentary.

Are you imagining this? Doesn't it taste great? David Stein's absurd books, at Eleanor Harwood from SFO, give me an opportunity to mention the weirdness of SCOPE's corporate identity, and the political paradoxes of art. People's Revolution, Kelly Cutron's PR and Marketing firm, arranged SCOPE's VIP list and opening reception. There are multiple reality shows involving these people.

The entangling of leftist politics into the corporate intentions of a field about and for the rich is morally dizzying. The deliberate imagery of appropriation, the complications of the extraordinary inequality created by an abundance of artists of all different qualities of ignorance, layered into multiple generations of terrifying people and movements and strategies, is enough to make me wonder where I even got the principles I seem to have, and how best to shut them up so I can think about this more like the emergent poly-consciousness it has already become.

Hey, another one I thought I knew too well to forget and now I feel like I'm cheating them.

Bad boy scout making noises.

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Unknown said...

could you possibly learn to write a cogent sentence - maybe one that doesn't nominalize every verb? Or ramble?

Janet said...

I can, but I decided I wanted to annoy you enough to comment.